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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  May 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ [ music ] >> in hollywood, adam housely, fox news. >> thanks so much. here's brian now with the news edge. a major new development in the foiled underwear bomb plot. turns out the man al-qaeda plot used was an informant for the u.s. he was working for the cia and saudi intelligence. katherine explains. >> fox news learned that an al- qaeda cell was infull traited and led to the seizure, the targeted flight -- in 2009. at least three countries are involved in this on going intelligence operation and reason to believe more bombs may be out there. the drone strike sunday targeted al-qaeda operatives, who met with abdul is part of the on going operation focused on al-qaeda and the arabian peninsula. >> the killing of the leader
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over the weekend. this is more than just one person, one bomb, this is a larger scale operation. >> device being analyzed by the fbi is a gold mine of information. investigators are assessing whether the bomb maker has overcome the technical problems that led the first underwear bomb to fail in 2009. a middle east intelligent source says there is reason to believe the bomb maker is training apprentices because the al-qaeda network knows he is a tier 1 target. >> without going into the specifics, we have to assume with what we have seen of al- qaeda in the past, that they do train others to take up where they leave off because they have seen the succession of their top leadership attack successfully, taken off the battlefield for good. >> while the white house confirms the president knew in early april, the secretary insists the device was not connected to events marking one year since the seal raid. >> statement was that there was
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no specific credible plot tied to the anniversary of bin laden's death. so that was and is an accurate statement. >> on capitol hill, there are successes that homeland security and the fbi were under cut. because on the eve of the anniversary, they issued a bulletin saying there was no plot. >> it does not make sense to me that that bulletin was put out if in fact the president has been aware of this plot since last month. so there does appear to be an inconsistency there, but perhaps there's a god reason for it. >> the chair and the ranking member of the senate intelligence committee said the leak about the cia operation is regarded as very serious. at least one congressman is calling for a leak investigation. in washington, katherine harriage, fox news. a news alert out of north carolina. residents there have voted to define marriage as between a man and woman in the state
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constitution. state's law bans gay marriage. so this amendment is insurance. it made it to the ballot after republicans took over. several members of obama's administration favor same sex marriage. the president has not. as ed henry reports, some supporters are frustrated. >> top democrats confirming a washington post report that they are sitting on major checks. after deep frustration on same sex marriage. >> we believe in the golden rule of treating others as you would want to be treated. >> evan wilson notes he will share a stage with the president monday at the college's commencement. he plans to thank the president for progress already made, but push him to go further. others are not as diplomatic. withholding large checks to the
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super pack. obama campaign officials note they have already gotten a lot of money from gays and lesbians and are turning the focus to republican nominee, mitt romney. obama campaign spokesman saying on the issues important to gays and lesbians, governor romney regressed. the president may face more questions in hollywood thursday when actor george clooney hosted a major fundraiser. the campaign needs the money to fund a $25 million ad buy. >> america's economy spiraling down. >> a source familiar with the clooney administration says it could net $14.5 million, which would set a record for one event. officials are down playing that number, but they are expecting $6 million and $8.5 million from a raffle for a chance to dine with the president. at the white house, ed henry, fox news. fairfax county police say
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the woman charged in another woman's death did not intend to run the victim over? gloria mcmillen and arrington exchanged words. airington got out of her car and approached mcmillen's suv. mcmillen is charged with felony hit-and-run for leaving the scene. a major move in israel. >> isreali prime minister's new coalition could be a step toward peace with palestinians. formed a partner shop that could allow him to compromise without fallout from hard liners. it could also affect israel's treatment of iran. the opposition party has held him off. >> george zimmerman will not go to court for another four months. he waved his arraignment appearance. his lawyer says some of the money zimmerman raised on a
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website is being used to pay for security and services. popular painter, thomas kincaid died of accidental overdose. kincaid was found dead. the painter bottled alcoholism and relaxed before his rest. he translated it to other mer chain dais, he was four. >> customers have a new tool. social media. they are tweeting. businesses are listening. we'll explain. if you think your commute is killing x you, you may be right. the long ride is bad for your health. check out the rundown. we'll be back. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.
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we are hearing tonight from the woman who says the police impersonator pulled her over and robbed her in silver spring. fox 5 down in the newsroom now. karen. >> the victim speaks spanish. she told us her story tonight through a translator. that victim is shaken up that she sought professional counseling. also, police put out a composite drawing of what that impersonator looks like. take a lock at this suspect.
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he is described as a black male 26 or 27 years old, 5'10", 190- pounds and tattoos on both arms. the victim says he got her attention last wednesday morning when she was in silver spring on her way to the church. a black man was blowing a horn. >> the man motioned out of his window and pulled his car up next to hers. he yelled at me that he was a police officer and i have to stop. >> the man showed her a badge and demanded her license and registration. and ordered her out of her car and told her to sit on the sidewalk, which she did. >> he opened the door and grabbed the purse and the cell phone. >> the man then fled in a small black compact car with blue maryland tags that may have being tags. >> he got in his car and left very fast and i tried to follow him screaming and yelling and hoping that someone will hear
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me. >> but no one was around. she had no cell phone, so she couldn't dial 911. she kept driving until she saw a mail carrier who called police for her. here's the suspect again, montgomery county police would like to hear from anyone who knows this man. police say the suspect was wearing a black baseball hat with a police badge emblem on it, a silver badge attached, and black cargo pants with black boots. >> rosa parks will be memorialized for ever at one of the most beloved churches. up first, how the national cathedral is honoring a late civil rights icon. row a parks will have a permanent honor at washington national cathedral. crews will install a statue on thursday in a section of the church devoted to human rights. the statue will stand near eleanor roosevelt. trying to get pregnant?
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watch your weight. if you are obese, it could have a negative impact on your child. children of women obese scored lower on tests between the ages of 5 and 7. number three, slow down when you eat. a small study found eating too fast may raise your risk of diabetes. researchers compared patients in people who ate quickly and they found they were 2 1/2 times more likely to have diabetes than those who ate at a leisurely pace. number two, it's bad news for d.c. commuters. the longer your commute, the less likely you are to be physically fit. the reason, well those long commutes can take away from exercise time. they are also associated with high blood pressure, higher weight, and also lower overall fitness. and number one tonight, the pain at the pump this summer won't be as bad as first predicted. the energy department says drivers should pay $3.79 per gallon from april through
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september. that's down 16 cents from last month's predictions. analysts blame the decrease on a drop in oil prices. brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top 5. mailing letters to homeowners who may be eligible for a reduced home loan. part of a settlement. the 200,000 homeowners could get those letters. to qualify, you have to owe more than your property is worth, which is not hard these days and you have to have been 60 days behind on your payments as of last january 31. getting good customer service may be as easy as a tweet. consumers are turning to twitter and facebook to share their stories about how business treated them. some of those businesses are listening. >> twitter, facebook, they're not just for connecting friends or sharing pictures. >> the reality is, consumers are turning to social media to talk about service, good service and bad service. >> author says these sites are
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breaking down barriers and empowering consumers. >> we have the right now and dare i say the responsibility to hold companies accountable on social networks. >> corporate america is listening and responding to the good, the bad, and the ugly. >> if i post on delta's facebook page, it's public. >> that's okay with me and that's okay with delta. would we prefer for some tweets to not be out there about us? probably yes, but you know what? in the end, it's all about solving the problem for the customers. >> delta even has its own social media lab to track all those tweets and facebook posts. >> we have monitors throughout. we have everything from the news network there to what is going on in the twitter world. stock, you name it, we have it up on a board. >> american express is also active online and tells us it's important for customers to share their story. >> we want you to share with
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your 300 followers what a great experience you had with your service and how your issue was resolved immediately. >> a growing number of businesses are shifting to web based customer service. one social media expert tells us that going digital can actually offer a more personal experience. >> an 800 number is a call center. twitter is a person. i always tell my person that, a a person named jen. >> he also says social media is changing the entire land skype. companies don't have to tell their success stories, instead the customers do it for them. >> if you can give your customer an amazing experience that they want to tell your friends how awesome you are, you're doing your business right. >> in new york, fox business. we have one more day. >> i think people are tired of
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no sun. and the road space is difficult to navigate in. >> traffic is so tough. >> traffic is crazy. the roadwork will help you oven your way. >> it's been rough. >> a live look outside and there's some rain around the region. we have some scattered showers. at least it's not weekend rain, so we can be happy about that. a bit more to get through tomorrow. we start you out with a look at radar and you can see what we are talking about. really central now inside the beltway. these showers are moving slowly to the east. you might have a little spot of yellow that could produce a tenth of an inch of rain. a gentle soft soaking of rain, that's for sure. tomorrow morning, these batches are going to be out of here. left with clouds and still be damp. you can see that we have more to go and i think some of these
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showers, western maryland, those may dispate somewhat as they come on through, but i think we'll have a few more hours to deal with scattered somehow ires and the morning commute mostly cloudy. but there will be another round two tomorrow afternoon, which we'll elaborate on in a moment. this is a great product. the bulk of this has been through maryland and d.c. not so much measured down to our south. it rained from a tenth to .2 and losing in on an inch. so definitely heavier out to our west. here's the changing player tomorrow. we have a frontal boundary. it's so slow in moving and midday it should be right around the region. we'll have more showers again tomorrow as this front is crossing. now off to our east, also down
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to our south, we may have to include thunderstorms in the mix because there will be a little more instability in those regions. rumble of thunder not out of the question q but our chances are to the east. the breeze will kick in. we should have a good amount of sunshine coming in. showers could linger, but we'll keep you posted. les wanted to let you know, down to our south and east, the storm prediction center outlined these areas. gusty winds and perhaps hail. we'll watch that closer for you. future cast most of us should just be cloudy. there will be showers. by non, looks like we're getting a break in the action. the first round is moving away. watch what happens as we go through the afternoon. we begin to develop a new line as the frontal system is trying
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to swing on through. notice the heavier downpours to the suet and east. this may be going on tomorrow night. notice how it tried to linger into thursday as well. hopefully that will not last much longer. 75 degrees with a round of showers and storms and crier days to come. we might have a few showers on mother's day sunday. we'll see if we can do something about that. that's weather. nats had a big game in pitt burg let us know how they did. >> this is the verison sports desk with dave feldman. >> thank you. the nats are like the caps these days. they like the close games. they tie to the top of the national league east thanks to
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wins. aren't, another 3-1. first day up and he looks f pretty healthy to me. deep to center and gone. his fifth of the season and the nats take a 4-3 lead. they'll pull it out, right? henry rodly ged got two outs and that's a problem. it's a two-run wokoff homer. rangers in baltimore. first inning, josh hamilton. okay. 2-0. we have seen a lot of two- run shots. rangers are on top. thursday, a man on again. and 4-0 rangers. new in the 7th, hamilton again. what in the world of sports is going on? that's three homers, he wasn't done. in the 8th, you may want to
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stop pitching to him. four home runs, rangers one 10- 3. hal ill ton becomes the -- four homers in one game. wow. there's within one constant. a quarterback controversy. no such drama in when he named his starting quarterback on sunday. robert griffin iii, the starter, at the conclusion of last weekend's minicamp. why? because they paid a heavy price to get him and he is good. shanahan decided to name given the starter to question sh quickly. >> i think you guys were more surprised to hear it because mike likes to keep things secretive. but coach knew from the jump this was the guy he wanted and he stressed to us. >> not one of you knew he was going to be a starter. coach shanahan is smart.
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he lied it on the table so we can move on. he was a starter as soon as he got drafted. we all knew that and let's move forward as a team. i agree with ryan iowa rack pow. the caps look ahead, trying to forget the past. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. this week a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. 12 rolls of bounty are $11.99. that's a dollar a roll! pack your lunches -- marie callender's are just 2 bucks. real big deals this week and every week.
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capital. as they have to play in a must- win sixth game tomorrow at verison center. it is a must-win. if they lose, they will done. rangers on the player play from the other night. his slapper through traffic for the game winner. 1:35 into the ot. now trail the series three games to two. >> we keep moving forward, we would have liked to have the game, sure, but i thought we played a good game and we were six seconds away from winning. so we just did some video today and we'll rebound and play again tomorrow. >> we are all positive here. we know in the last series, we didn't, you know, we missed an opportunity in game six to close it out at home and you know, we missed an opportunity to go up in the series 3-2. and all we're worried about right now is winning tomorrow. >> remember that.
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with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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: taking the edge off with a bionic woman. she just finished walking a marathon in london. took her 16 days, but she never gave up. she is the first person to finish any marathon using a
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bionic rewalk suit. now you have the news edge. fox 5 news isn't over. go to for news, weather, and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news. on air and online at brought to you by verison.


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